ReadySet Cloud
Release Notes

Release Notes

New and Noteworthy

You can now test Readyset cloud with a demo database.

demo db

Known issues

The following are known issues with Readyset.Cloud.

  • Readyset.Cloud does not automatically delete replication slots on the backend Postgres database. When Readyset establishes a connection with the backend database, it uses logical replication (opens in a new tab) to replicate the database. When deleting an instance of the Readyset cache, Readyset.Cloud does not vacate these replication slots. Please remove replication slots manually like so:

    List all replication slots:

    SELECT slot_name FROM pg_replication_slots WHERE slot_name ~* 'readyset.*';

    Sample output is as shown:

    (2 rows)

    Drop each replication slot, as shown in this example below:

 SELECT pg_drop_replication_slot('readyset_vol094d259d1f1a03ef3');
 SELECT pg_drop_replication_slot('readyset_vol0afe19b3bca8a55f3');